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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact SPF50 PA+++

As I promised,here is the latest review post from me~Sorry for the delay,I got lots of an unexpected assignments + quizzes so I can't made it to post this in time.

I got this pact from Etude House Global fb event last time and as you might know,I've been wanting this pact along with Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream since its launch.The luck is with me in which I got both of them.
There are very few sites that start to sell this pact and most of them sell this with a very expensive price!So I recommend you to buy this later when Etude House exported Sun BB to selected country.

Here are some pictures for your view ^_^

#Bad camera = light exposure + blurry pic

 Pure white!

With mirror and super soft sponge!!love**love

 Beige in color.Apparently this only have one shade available.

Before applying the powder..
The writing is using my Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner~

After applying the powder.See,the coverage is very sheer~

I used to like pacts so much more than loose powder..hmm..maybe because of the loose powder texture is loose and required a powder brush to apply it on face.Pacts are always included with sponge and for me,it is much easier and faster especially when I'm in hurry ^_^

My thoughts ;

Coverage, 2/5;
One of the downside of this pact is the sheer coverage.It doesn't cover any flaws,redness or scar.I wish this pact have a bit of coverage since the Sun BB Cream is sheer to medium in coverage.

Shade, 2/5;
This pact only have one shade which isn't comparable with the Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream that have 3 shades with it.This pact may doesn't suit people with darker skin tone than Sun BB Cream shade #3.

I could say that I love the smell so much!It has a flowery smell which you can found this smell in any Etude House pact but with stronger smell than the others which means not very strong but at the level than my sensitive nose can bear with =)

The packaging is very pure~I like the white theme they gave to this line because for me,it tells everything about flawless and beautiful skin.The pact itself is included with mirror and super soft sponge which is very easy to bring anywhere and it is light too~

Availability ;
According to Etude House Malaysia,this line will hit Malaysia about 2 weeks more so please wait for it!I'm sure you'll love this newest line from Etude House~
Update : I re-check with them and it seems the lines has arrived!Why don't you go and grab it now?hehe:DD

Thank you for reading!
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