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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

[REVIEW] Yadah All Day Cushion (Yadah x Sonyunara)

Today I'll be reviewing this cushion from Yadah which is also a part of Yadah x Sonyunara collaboration. Thank you to for sending me this cushion to try.

You can get this cushion HERE for $23.10 and free shipping (Amazon link)

I got the cushion in the colour of #21 which is definitely gonna be too light for my skin but let's read on what I have to say about this cushion.

The packaging catches my eye right away becoz it's pink <3

It is my first time having a matte packaging for cushion and it actually feels sleek!

The production date tells us that it's still new and this is why I love shopping on Korean sites :D

Too light for me but maybe I can used it for my under eyes to brighten it up.

Showing off that I had stubborn pimples on my temples 😭


1) Color
As far as I knew, this only came in one color which is in the shade #21 and is a huge disadvantage for a darker skin like me who had yellow undertone. It looks like it had a little yellow undertone to it but blends white. 

2) Scent
I had four items sent to me by BBcosmetic and I could say that they all smells the same, kinda soapy like scent? However, it wasn't that obvious with this one.

3) Long lasting
The cushion says all day but does it? I don't really think so. Since the color is quite pale for me, I could tell that it would starts oxidising around ~4 hours  around moustache area and it would fade a little around my nose, that is without primers. 

4) Finish
Gives me a glowy complexion which I looove! It had moisturising properties which is very long lasting since it doesn't dry out after a long day.

5) Coverage
I would say that it has medium coverage and it is buildable. It covers up my dark spots and redness from my pimples quite well.

6) Wrinkles
I'm not sure where to put this but the foundation does settle in fine lines, eg:eyelid fold and under eye lines since it is not matte. Might need a little powders to avoid that.

7) Lightweight
Very lightweight on skin and it doesn't feel like I put a heavy makeup on

8) Transfers
It does transfer if you accidentally touches your face or scratch it.

9) Puff
The puff is soft and pick up product very well. I like the softness but it tends to build up and making the application looks like a mess. This kind of puff needs to be clean a lot.

Overall, I did like the cushion considering on how much I reached for it instead of my HERA UV Mist cushion for the last 7 days. It's great for daily wear and although I had to tweaked the colors with bronzers. 

Here's my video I posted on my instagram. I wanted to post more beauty videos but I'm too shy on camera, haha

A video posted by Mizu (@ashihana) on

Thank you for reading :)


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