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Friday, February 3, 2017

[REVIEW] Yadah Oh My Sun Slush SPF50+PA+++

Hello there!
This time I'll be reviewing this sun cream from Yadah which has been sent to me by and you can purchased this sun cream HERE for $14.95 and free shipping :)

I actually wanted to try this for so long now but I always forgotten to add this to my cart every time I went for Kbeauty shopping and I'm sooo glad that BBcosmetic are sending me this to try and I cry tears of joy! :D
A little info you might want to know about this product:
1) It is a sun cream, which you usually use as the last step in your skincare routine.
2) It uses 50% of organic cactus in it which is grown in clean, environment-friendly farm
3) It has moisturizing and cooling effect.
4) It is FREE from Paraben, Alcohol Denat, Benzophene, Mineral Oil, Talc and Tar Color.
5) Came in squeeze bottle, 50ml/ 1.69fl.oz

The texture looks like a smoothie to me.

1) Scent
It has a soapy kind of smell to it which I don't really bothered about. 

2) Texture
It looks like a smoothie to me but it was definitely light and not sticky!

3) Moisture and cooling
As it says, the sun cream gives moisture and cooling to the skin. I find that it wasn't oily and feels like I put on an emulsion to my face.

4) Color
It looks white but it spreads clear on the skin and another thing that I notice is that it gives a glow to the face. I'm used to have my skin kinda dull and I notice that my complexion is brighten with this although it doesn't have any white cast to it.

5) Packaging
Yassss..I don't know about you guys but I was definitely attracted to the packaging and the name, sun slush. Doesn't that sounds like you'll get refresh with the pretty green color to it? I do though. The tube looks like it was made from aluminium but it's not. It's definitely like the other squeezable tube out there.

6) Long lasting
The moisture is definitely long lasting! I love it!

7) Waterproof
I don't think it is waterproof since they don't mention it and it was easy to wash too.

Overall, I looooveeee this sun cream. You might know that I never really mention sun cream before because I used to hate it but not with this! 

Thank you for reading :)


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