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Monday, January 23, 2017

My Althea Haul feat Carbonated mask, Eyebrow Tattoo & My Little Nut

Hi guys!
Today I'll be sharing my haul with Althea that arrived about two weeks ago :D
I wanted to write a new review on them but all the photos I took looks uninteresting to my eyes since I left blogging for a while. Anyway, I'll try to take new photos of them and review the products ASAP.

In this haul, I only spent about RM30+ something I guess from RM250+ the original price since Althea always had these continuous coupons and vouchers you can get from their facebook or coupon/vouchers site. I definitely saves a lot there!

There's a lot of interesting products in this haul that I randomly picked since I wanted to try them such as the Onsaemeein Carbonated Mask Pack, Kocostar V Line Hydrogel Chin Pack, Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack, It's My Eye Maker and Secret Key Miracle Contouring Stick.

 I obviously had tried the Kocostar V Line Hydrogel Chin Pack before taking this picture and since I don't plan on writing a lengthy review for it alone, so I would say that this is definitely not working for me. It hurts my ear so bad, it feels like it is about to fall off since the mask required at least 25 minutes to be worn and the material itself was not made to be you could definitely imagine that.

The carbonated mask feels so funny when applied on face since it is carbonated and it feels like something moving on your face..0.0

The tattoo eyebrow could be my latest favourite! I always thought that the peel off thingy would hurt especially on bushy brows like me so I don't really wanted to try it out and it turns out it doesn't feel anything when I peeled it off with this *thumbs up*

It's My Eye Maker is actually a double eyelid maker which also works as glue for falsies. My double eyelid wasn't aligned on both eyes and the right one is a little lower than the other side which would make my eyeliner application differs on both eyes to make it look symmetrical. I have seen people saying about on how to make your eyelid changed is by using these type of stick or maybe the eyelid sticker. I've tried the sticker type that it basically hurts my eyes so I want to give this a chance.

The Secret Key Contouring Stick is actually grey-ashy tone and I don't know why they made it like that..dislike the color on the spot.

If you read my blog long enough, you must have never seen me talking about sunscreen since I used to hate it. I've tried a few from Biore and it doesn't hook me up until I've tried the Etude House Sun Blind Cushion. That thing is bomb but it had one downside which is it dries up so fast and I only used it about a month. Not worthy of the price. However, this Calmia sunblock is cheaper, like RM21 per 50ml tube, waterproof and give my face a glow (Yas!)

The Jill2 24HR serum is my ultimate favourite too! It's cheap (about RM28, when I bought it), it doesn't break me out and it gives abundant moisture to my face without being sticky nor too heavy for me.

Missha eyeshadows is like super soft when applied on eyes and I love it! The colors are pigmented and the glitter doesn't fall out either :D

I haven't tried the Choosy Lip Pack but gonna try out soon! The It's My cushion puff is my favourite too. It's cheap and I used it to blend in my sunscreen since I don't like touching my face that much. The Etude House mascara is on between, I like it lengthen my eyelashes but I hate the fact that it contain fibers that flew around my face T_T
The Nine Point Lavender hand cream is a gift maybe since I don't really purchase that in my haul.
There's hidden Missha under eye concealer somewhere in the box which I didn't realize it..haha

That's all, I'm waiting to do another multiple hau since I'm running out of my skincare and I don't even know on how I would review all of them then XD

Thank you for reading :)


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