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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. I always had not enough time to do a post(I always said that too,haha!) . Anyway, just a quick review for this and p/s, there is going a giveaway soon!Well, not much but I'm sure you'll love the prize ..hehe

So, onto the review,
I bought this eye cream about 2-3 months ago or maybe 4(?) when this brand got a pretty cheap sale price and I ran out of my eye cream too. I heard that Mizon's snail line was pretty popular and works great so I thought I want to try it on myself.

The size of this eye cream is bigger than usual eye cream and I was very happy with it..
who don't love extra size right?haha

Sorry, the case kinda attract dust so it became really visible in pictures..haha

The texture is very smooth and light!

The box write down almost all description in English which is good to us who doesn't understand Korean and even do me less work to Google all the information. haha

Anyway, I simply doesn't have the before and after pictures because I stop using it halfway.
Though I love the texture and it is super light just like I always wanted but too bad, it doesn't work as great as I hope to.

I thought it is pretty moisturizing at first but I realize that it doesn't last long. My under eyes will turn to the super dry mode just after an hour making all the fine lines even worse looking. I've tried it for 3 weeks and it still does the same thing but I still love the moment that it moisturize my under eyes in that one hour..haha

Since I said that it doesn't actually works good on me, the properties of the snail filtrate also did not help me in any way. Although I only used it for three weeks, there should be a little bit of improvement so that I can know that the product that I used works for me. But this doesn't do anything and I don't see anything either.

Just to remind you again, there are some people that used this works for them. It's just maybe this doesn't suit me well. Instead of throwing this out, I used them on my lips for instant moisture..haha

I don't have much regret buying this lol because it is selling cheap at that time(but it's not expired)
I still experimenting some of the products that I bought in my previous haul last time and I saw that a lot of them works great on me and of course I'll review them later :D

Thank you for reading. Just keep an eye to this blog coz I'll be posting the giveaway anytime!


Chee Z said...

Oh that's too bad this didn't work for you. :\ I've heard great reviews on Mizon snail creams, and I want to try some too. Now I don't know, but at least you found another use for it! :D
Thanks for the review, it's interesting to see this doesn't work for everyone, xD

Choulyin said...

how much was the eye cream before and after the discount?

Susan T. said...

I just got this in the mail today and am very excited to try it out! I'm going to use it before bed. Hopefully it will work better for me. I love anything snail lol!

Jessica Liani Suwitro said...

I think this is just a nice eye cream for hydrating during the day, to be used before eye make up. For night use, maybe you need something 'stronger' :) I use 2 types of eye cream, the lighter for day use and it works well..

Bethany said...

Interesting. I don't get dry under my eyes, so it might work for me. But honestly, I don't tend to use a separate cream under my eyes. >.>;; Lazy. I just use the normal snail recovery gel there too.

Jannath said...

Hi Mizu!!

Mizu said...

You're welcome Chee :D

Mizu said...

I hope it works for you! Too bad it doesn't work good on me..:(

Mizu said...

Before : RM40+ If i'm not wrong.
After : RM22.40

Mizu said...

Hmm..I tried this method 'wearing it during the day before makeup' and because it is too dry, it makes my bb/ cc cream looks awful it doesn't work for me.

and I used another richer eye cream at night which I previously bought :D

Mizu said...

That's good for you..Maybe I stare to much at the computer screen..haha..
Because I wanted something for my eye(though i'm usually a lazy person too)

Jessica Liani Suwitro said...

I'd like to use laneige water bank eye gel as it's very hydrating and light. Really nice for humid weather where we stay. Maybe gel type is better? ;)

Mizu said...

Does it works for wrinkles/dark circles too?
Because I might wanted to use the one that have more properties than just hydrating. I'm currently used Missha's and I like it..

Mizu said...

Hi Jannath!I've replied your mail :D

Istiarina Putri said...

uwaaa~ Mizon.. Yesterday my friend just told me about its CC Cream, now I read your post too, I'm officially tempted to try their products >_<

Anyway I followed you~

Mizu said...

ahh..i heard that their cc cream is very good :D

thank you for following! will follow back :D

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