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Sunday, August 4, 2013

[REVIEW] Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Cat Eyes

Hi ~
It's finally the start of the holiday which I will celebrating Eidulfitri next week as other Muslims all over the world! The tradition will be a bit different depends on where we live and I already prepared new clothes and baked some cookies for Hari Raya!yeayy~ 

Anyway today I'll be reviewing the latest Maybelline mascara which is Cat Eyes. I've seen some good reviews on this mascara and decided to try it out :D ( psst..I bought this at the same with my shockara mascara hehe)

I skipped the product information part because it seems like everyone do know Maybelline right?haha

Sorry for the sparkly things on my eyes, that's actually my e.l.f eye primer.

 The mascara gave enough length and volume just as the promotions says!
I love the thing that I don't have to coat my lashes for a few times to get an amazing results(save my time!)

It is waterproof! Who doesn't like waterproof mascara except if you need to perform an ablution.
But that doesn't matter to me as I bring along my make-up remover whenever I go. Just don't bring the full sized bottle, a small bottle would be enough :)

I like the bending brush as it applies a lot better than normal straight brush because it can reach to the end of the corner of my eyes :D

The price for this mascara is reasonable. I don't think it was too expensive nor too cheap.

First impression of this mascara is, the packaging is a bit plain ?? 
Yes, I do appreciate their effort to put on the leopard design but it is actually not enough considering how bomb the promotion was held here.

It feels a bit drying? You know I'm looking for the best mascara that would not cause my lashes to dry out throughout the day.

The dry mascara liquid would cause flaking which it will cause a mess to my make-up but this doesn't apply to anyone who apply a reasonable amount of the mascara to your lashes. It's just I liked heavier looking lashes on me so I tend to apply a lot more.

The mascara would cause clumping if applied too much coat as can be seen in the photos above. I usually used my other mascara brush to separate the lashes but too lazy to do it in the pics above..hehe

This would be my best mascara when I'm in a hurry or late to
Though there are some few negatives that I don't like, it still perform good in terms on lengthening and volumizing my lashes :D

I rate this as ;

Thank you for reading :D More posts coming soon!


akristinechong said...

Ohh... I like the fact that it has a angled/curve effect which will be much easier to use than normal ones, thanks for sharing this one up! :) I should try next time!

Maxinne Marie said...

I love the Cat Eyes mascara! But mine is quite different though, it's called the Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara. It's in a pink-and-black tube and has a tiny comb for its wand. I haven't seen this Magnum Cat Eyes one sold here in the Philippines. Nonetheless, Maybelline's mascaras are awesome! :)

Mizu said...

Owh..maybe they released a different version in different country?

Sabrina_VixenDeity said...

It looks clumpy, but it makes a huuuge difference!

Mizu said...

yes it does look clumpy so my advice is used a brush that can separate them :D

Diana Horsfall said...

great review

Mizu said...


Choulyin said...

wow can really see the difference! I myself am using the purple colour Volum' Express, and I love that it's waterproof and doesn't fall out :D

Mizu said...

oh..the falsies one? that's nice!i haven't try that one

YomiC said...

hm... sadly it get clumpy ...

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