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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REVIEW : Etude House Aloha Water Proof 10 Super Henna Fix Mascara and Etude House Aloha Make-Up Remover.

Hello peeps!Its been a long time isn't it!Today I got some free time so I decide to do a review!Last time,in a youtube giveaway,unexpectedly,I win a giveaway by Korea Cosmetics@youtube.I wasn't really expecting this coz I've tried few times already and never win..hehe..
The gift was Etude House Aloha Super Henna Fix Mascara with cute little Etude House Aloha Make-Up remover..You know Aloha right?A new line from Etude House with some kind Hawaii feeling.~and of course the cute Dara is the model~!I really adore her cuteness!

Anyway,let's move on to the review~I make this review more special because I enter the Korea Cosmetics' KC Supporter contest.CLICK!<---The link.If you wish to join,please make a review on Korea Cosmetics only okay~!

This are the gifts!Wow,cute packaging isn't it??

The make-up remover..

More closer image,sorry if it is blur..

The real Etude House Aloha  Super Henna Fix Mascara..

The closer look..and if you read my last christmas post,I have a Henna Fix mascara before and this is really look the same!So I thought they just only change the packaging to include this in Aloha line.
But after seeing the mascara itself,I notice that there are 'Super' word on I was curious until I saw the brush.

This is what the brush looks alike.I tried to capture the best picture from my phone but I guess it is still blur..T_T..but you can see the difference here on my last post Etude House Henna Fix Mascara . There are big clear picture there because I use my camera but now I don't have the camera so I have to use my phone camera only.Sorry for that but instead,I google a picture of this mascara and here is the picture!

See the brush??A bit different from Henna Fix one..So I thought what is the difference when the brush is different and I tried on my eyes.
Alert : Sorry for the unperfect me.I captured this photo after I'm back from my class so I'm a little bit tired plus with lack of sleep.I did not wear any single make-up at this time so well said this is my naked look..LOL

Before applying the mascara

After applying the mascara..See,my lashes got longer either upper lashes and lower lashes!
P/S : Sorry,I didn't curl my lashes as I forgot!haha..

It become longer isn't it?The picture suppose to show you the blackens on my lashes but since the picture is blurred so you won't see that my lashes actually become longer and more black!

Pros :
1 - My my lashes looks longer and more black!
2 - Didn't clump 
3 - The brush is so light!
4 -  Cute packaging~!
5 - Comes in 2 shades(Brown and Black)
6 - Easy to remove without cleanser or make-up remover.

Cons :
1 - It smudge but you can just wipe it with bare hands since it easier to remove.
2 - It says that the mascara is waterproof but it didn't actually.It is so easy to remove.
3 - I actually more prefer the Henna Fix one since the color is more black than this and it gives more volume to my lashes too.
4 - Not available yet in my country(I wonder why it takes a long time?)

Anyway,this is the make-up remover and I believe they just change the box only as I have the same make-up remover before.I more prefer to use Etude House Lip&Eye make-up remover from this mascara remover co it actually did not remove the total mascara.I don't know why it won't budge especially with the most water proof mascra but the lip&eye make-up remover did works!

Ok,I have to edit this pic..sorry,i"m not good in editing..haha..looks bad isn't it?

Sorry again for the blur pictures!The bottle is so small so my phone camera is bad at small words..sorry..

That's all for my review today,I'll make another review maybe this weekend coz I have so much work to do right now.Thanks for reading!Leave a comments down there coz I love comments!


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