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Monday, February 22, 2016

[REVIEW] Testerkorea Real Tester : Nature Republic Bath & Nature Body Butter

Hey guys! We met again after so long~

Today I'll be sharing my review for this body butter that was sent by testerkorea as a part of their "Real tester" event. Please look out for another two review post that will be post today in accordance to the whole review :)

If you're reading my blog long enough, you would have known on how much I love shopping at testerkorea.  Many have been asking until now and now I clarify again that I shop with testerkorea for all my korean products because they offered affordable price with lots of payment and shipping options available. They also gave a ton of samples! :)  

So onto the review;
Brand : Nature Republic
Net Weight : 150ml
Production : Made in Korea
Where to buy :  HERE

Yass for the full English translations of the ingredients!

It came in a tub like this :)

White cream :D

Honestly, it just looks white but in real, it disappear into the skin and leaves no white cast when applying.

The body butter smells really really good, almost like a peach candy. It might smells strong on the first application but it'll gradually be softer in fragrance later.

Thought it may seems like it would look too greasy but in real, it doesn't! In fact, the cream absorbs quite fast into the skin and leave it moisturised and smooth! I could say that it performs better than my favourite lotion XD

It leaves no greasy nor sticky feeling and the moisture stays on until you wash it off. Just one thing that I notice is that, the cream is almost gel like so to grab an amount, it might be a little hard since it was like harden in the tub. I'm not saying that the cream is frozen nor dry in the tub, it just the molecule stick on strong with each other, if you could understand what I mean XD

Overall, it's a nice body butter and I always use it after the shower or at anytime where my skin feels dry.

I rate this;


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