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Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey there!

This is the third item that I'll be reviewing today as the testerkorea's first real tester. Testerkorea has been my favourite place to shop for Korean products since forever and they recently add ecargo which have made my whole waiting time reduced by 90%! They also offered tons of products from various brands so testerkorea is definitely an online shop you can trust. Plus, they also give various samples along with your order :D

 I've heard a lot about NAKEUP FACE and wanted to try this popular cushion which is said had a very good response in Korea since it was introduced :)

Before I go to to the review, these are a little details about this brand;

Net Weight : 15g
Production : Made in Korea
Price : 19,600 won
Where to buyHERE

It came in a mirror case which will reflects everything so taking this picture is quite challenging for me :X

The mirror is not blurred, I just haven't taken off the plastic.

So full of products!

Looks watery/glowy when swatch.

 My skin hasn't been in a good condition these last few days and it surprised me on how high the coverage is when applied on face despite the watery texture of the cream.

I'll be honest that the shade #23 is still a little light for my skin however I wanted to say that it was wearable. It doesn't make my face looks pale as ghost when I apply considerately. This cushion have those "a little goes a long way" thing.

In case you need an extra coverage, you can add more layers on top and it won't makes the finish looks cakey because of it's hydrating effect. One of the reason why the finish itself looks hydrating/glowy is probably because of the puff itself. It has more"air" to it than any other cushion puff I've used before and it is also the reason why a little of the cream goes a long way since it doesn't absorb the liquid cream into the puff or in another word, it doesn't waste the product.

It last for quite good amount of time but I'm not too sure for the "superstay 24 hours" since it does need to be reapply throughout the day (if you're wearing it for a long time).

Coverage is medium to high, depending on how much you use at a time. It does cover my redness and dark spots quite well (as you would see in the picture below). 

I didn't found any English translation for the full list of ingredients for this since all information are written in Korean but I would say that fragrance isn't strong in this one, in case you're curious about it.

Overall, it is a nice cushion if you wanted coverage and glowy finish but the downward is that the cushion is not made for someone who had a darker skin tone than shade #23

I rate this;

If you have any question, let me know :)


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