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Monday, February 22, 2016

[REVIEW] Testerkorea Real Tester : MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30/PA++

Hi there!

I've been chosen as the testerkorea's first real tester and they sent me three items to try in total! I'm so excited to share my experience with you for all these three products so there will be three review posts today!

As you might know, I've been testerkorea lover since forever and I always got my Korean beauty products from them since they offered affordable price which I can't get at any other shops. If you haven't try testerkorea, do your first purchase now, HERE and pssttt..they also give various samples!

These are a little details about this product;
Brand : Missha
Net Weight : 20ml
Production : Made in Korea
Colors : Mint(the one that I reviewed today), Peach and Violet.
Price : 7920 won
Where to buy : HERE

Simple and pocket size product.

It is very easy to squeeze out the products so make sure you're careful when squeezing it out.

The reason is why I chose mint (green) is that this color can cancel out any redness on the face.

I'm not sure if the difference it obvious in this picture but I can clearly see that it cancel out my redness a little bit and makes my skin looks brighter after it was blended.

The cream itself is so light that I can't even feel anything on face after it was blended. Also, I'm not too sure if they add anything mint in it coz it feels a little cool on face when I put the cream on. However it does goes away after it was blended.

It does have a little flowery fragrance to it and it does smell familiar to me but I can't remember what it is. Too bad I didn't found any full translated ingredients on the box, so, sorry for that.

Aside from cancelling and brightening my face, I also feel that this is a good base when my skin feels a little dry because this feel hydrating on the face and does make my makeup last longer.

If you would like to see the full face of me wearing this as a base makeup, lookout to the next post, Waterking Cover Cushion review :)

Overall, it's a nice base if you're looking for a hydrating base that will help to make your skin looks healthier :)

I rate this;


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