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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[REVIEW] Stylenanda 3CE Gel Eye Liner

I'm so happy that I can blog as much as I want this week 
so here you go massive reviews attack!(lol, not really..kkk)

I've been eyeing 3CE gel liner for about sometime and I finally decided to buy them coz I 
got a little extra money to know *cough* expensive *cough*

 Another reason I choose a gel type liner because I wanted something that can line up my under eyes without smudging or disappearing. I tried a few pencil liner for my under eye but they're easily disappear or smudge. I saw many people are using kohl but the tip are way to big for me and I don't think I can use them to line up my waterline properly properly. 

Product Info ;
Name : 3 Concept Eyes Gel Eye Liner
Brand : Stylenanda 3CE
Production : Made in Korea
Net Weight : 6g
"This gel-type eye liner has a creamy texture and has a strong waterproof effect, 
that is resistant to both water and sweat" 

 I really love it when the inside of the box painted with pink :D

Stylenanda seal. There are many fake ones out there so be careful!

There's another one in "Glitter Black" but mine is "Black" only.

They gel liner also came with a brush!

Not sure if you can see it but the liner has a tiny glitter with them.

No.1 - Only the swatch of the product, left-one swatch, right-two swatch.
No.2 - I put them under the tap water and the liner didn't budge at all.

The first thing that I notice once I open the box, the gel liner is way too small!
I thought the size is very cute

The gel liner is very smooth in texture makes it glides so easy on my eyes. *_*
I really love it coz it's not drying nor hard to work with.

The black color is very dark! I don't have to layer it up to get the desired intensity.

The brush included is very soft! Honestly I prefer this rounded type of brush than the one than has edges because this rounded type is easier to work with and I don't have to think about the angle of the brush..

I tried this on my waterline and honestly the color doesn't even budge even though the place is wet. 

Other than that, the gel is really waterproof! I put the swatch under a running tap water and it doesn't budge at all. I also tried on my waterline and it doesn't even smudge. Moreover, it stays on my eyes without color transfer to my eyelid (since I have hooded eyelid) and at the end of the day, the liner is still the same as it was when I applied it one :D
Correction : I'm sorry for the wrong statement. The liner won't last the whole day without smudging and I tried it again today after walking under the sun for so long, I guess it last for about 7 hours without smudging. After that, I can see a little smudge under my eye(but not too sure I'm the one who cause it coz my eyes used to feel itchy and I rubbed it without realizing,lol)

You can play with the liner like smudging it while it is still wet or newly applied because after it dries, it would stays on and won't budge.

This is one of the best product that I've tried so far. Would be re-purchase this for sure and doesn't matter if the price is a bit pricey because it's worth it :)

This is the picture that I posted on my instagram @ashihana a few days ago :)

I rate this ;

Thank you for reading :)
credit to longlongwaydown for the lovely flower texture!


Rini Cesillia said...

wow it looks very pretty on your eyes, i really want to try the black colour now *.*

Mizu said...

Thank you.Do try this color.I wonder if brown is pigmented as this

shasha88 said...

wow you make me want to buy it..hehehe nice review

Mizu said...

You really need to get it.Worth trying :-D

Mizu said... try it! ^^

chocobunnii13 said...

oh gosh~ your beautiful eyes again~ <3

I really like the packaging~ i've never tried anything from 3CE make me want to try stuff out from them~ Although I am 1000% in love with my Tony Moly Backstage Gel eyeliner...i'd like to try this gel liner out~ maybe in brown ^_^

Thanks for the review Mizu-chan!

Love, Aimee

Teti said...

This looks super nice! I would like to try it. I never found a product that won't budge on my waterline. They all smudge and disappear.

Sample Hime said...

I love reading your reviews because I think we have very similar eye areas. I love basically every Stylenanda product I've tried so far and I will add this to my list. :) It's impossible to find an eyeliner that won't melt in the oil from your eyelids! I always think smudge pots are small, but then if you think about it compared to what it is in the center of pencil it's actually much more!

Mizu said...

Hi Aimee! Thank you so much :D
This is also my first time trying their products. Gladly I bought the right product to be try. I do have the Backstage liner in pink but never really used them. Maybe I should search all over my drawer for that..haha

Mizu said...

Do try them out! I would love to hear your opinion :)

Mizu said...

haha..thanks! I had to line up my eyes really thin because of my hooded eyelid. I agree with you, the amount used is far lesser though the pot is small :D

Suzanne Lim said...

I really like 3CE's packaging, it is sleek and chic. The downside is just that they are soooo expensive!
Glad you got a gem from 3CE~ From your review it looks like a totally great eyeliner!

Fräulein Schnee said...

This looks like a great eyeliner. I'll keep this in mind for purchasing after finishing of my current gel eyeliner, but it seems those minijars don't get used up XD

Emi Doll (恵美) said...

So lovely to have a great gel eye liner, it really looks great!!!

恵美より ♥

Bethany said...

Very nice application. <3 Looks good.

sakinah hussin said...

such lovely lashes *__* your eyeliner looks awesome!

Mizu said...

I knoww..Wish they did sales of something..haha
It does do its job, very recommended :D

Mizu said...

Please do and let me know what you think of it :D

Mizu said...

It is! Do try them :D

Mizu said...

This took sometime for me..haha

Mizu said...

Thank you Sakinah :)

losaway said...

looks great! love the result


Mizu said...


angie said...

Bought it in all black and brown. With primer from etude house, it still SMUDGES T.T after 2 hours under my eye.Never found an eyeliner that doesn't smudges on me...

Mizu said...

ahh..that's too bad...but this really works on my eyes...

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