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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[REVIEW] The Face Shop Face It Aqua UV Color Control Cream SPF50+,PA+++

Hi guys!
I'm so happy that I made to post this before I'm going back to my college..

Anyway, today I'm going to review a CC cream from The Face Shop. You may be familiar with this because I reviewed the older version here. I just bought this recently after a long thought because cushion type foundation is becoming more popular now and as you may know, the latest hit which is from Etude House. Probably because their brand are more global and a cheaper alternative for the cushion foundation, I saw quite amount of reviews for the product. Well, of course I'm tempted but thinking that there are possibilities that it would breaks me out like the previous Etude House BB cream, I'm holding back from buying them.
P/S : I'm aiming for IOPE or Hera but both of these brand are so expensive >_<

Anyway, back to the product, I finally made a decision to keep using the cc cream from The Face Shop because it works really really well on me. There are a lot of compliments from my friends and family that my skin looks really nice with this on. Usually we tend to stay with the product because of this kind of reason right? hehe..

This new version is added with higher SPF. The previous one is only SPF30 and this one is SPF50 which is a plus point for me since Malaysia is undeniably hot and I'm too lazy to put on sunscreen.

Product Name : The Face Shop Face It Aqua UV Color Control Cream SPF50+,PA+++
Price : Original (RM59.10), with discount, (RM57.30)
Where I got this : here

Look how shiny the compact is with the blue sparkles.

You can change the refill by pushing this round thing at the back of the compact.

I wanted to show how glowy it is :D

Better used the sponge provided! :)

I never put full face picture while reviewing so here is the full face of mine to show the after effects of applying the cc cream. Sorry that I don't have before picture but I think you can guess mine based on this picture. Edit free and you can zoom in if you
For now, I only had the redness on my cheek because using Missha Treatment Essence really helps my skin to improve :D

opps..sorry for my messy room. My sister had an engagement this coming month so she throw everything into my room because I'm living in my hostel mostly. 
I used flash in the photo because the light is coming from the back so my face would look really dark if I don't .To my surprised, the cream doesn't really reflects with the flash on!Isn't that awesome?

I suppose to bring the older version of the CC cream with me but I left it at my hostel so I can't make a comparison picture of the different shade of the two though both are #02 Natural Beige. I guess it's because the high SPF content in it. 

At first, I was a bit surprised to see the lighter in color because the older one just matched me very well. But after applying, though it might a bit lighter but it blends to my skin nicely after a few minutes.

The texture is thinner that the previous one too. It is a bit easier to apply because of the texture though it gives the same light-medium coverage to my skin. 

Other than that, this really smells refreshing! I noticed that the two CC cream doesn't smell the same which I prefer this newest version smell better because it lighten my mood..haha

The lasting hours is really good as it stays on my skin for about 8 hours, more or less. The finish is dewy but not much as the older one. I guess this is less dewy and it feels really light and non-sticky. The CC cream had a powdery finish to it.

Other than that, I notice for both of the CC cream, you must used the sponge provided because I try to use my fingers and it become cakey afterwards. And don't worry about the products content as the sponge is not the type that would absorb the product more than applying.

The product says this has a cooling effect. I'm not too sure of this because it doesn't feel like they put menthol in it but I would updated if I notice it next time.

  • Stays long about 8 hours (more or less)
  • Powdery finish ( a bit on the dewy side)
  • Non-sticky and feels really light
  • Nice refreshing fragrance. (Not overpowering which you would not notice after few minutes)
  • High SPF content
  • Maybe it's a bit lighter than my skin color?
  • Can't think of any..hehe

I really really love the CC cream :D
Well, you could even tell based from my review..hehe

If you have any questions, just let me know in the comment down below :)


Kim Zy said...

I have the older one.. ohh thanks for the suggestion..I will try it with sponge later.. that's true that it will be cakey when we apply using finger.. :D

Mizu said...

Owh, that's nice!
Yes, please use the sponge provided. The application could be much better :)

LauraLeia said...

Wow, this sounds good! And I like how it doesnt look too shiny or gives a white cast even with flash photo. :D

Fräulein Schnee said...

I was so curious about this cc cream since I use the older version at the moment and I like it a lot. It looks really nice on you and your review is really helpful (as usual) :D

Joyce said...

Hi Mizu, thanks for the review :) May I know which CC cream is the best, in your opinion? and thanks for giving the link for the product, it's really useful!

Little Miss Smexy said...

Lovely review here :)

One question: Is it oily after hours of application? Cuz some of the CC creams would have that ><

Mira said...

Hi, there! What a great review! ^_^
Wow, it's so much cheaper compared to TFS Aura CC cream. Do you mind telling where did you bought this from? I went to TFS KL Festival City but I didn't see this one.
I love the powdery finish.
BTW, how many shade it has? Is it available in Medium Beige or only Radiant Beige and Natural Beige? Cause I'm afraid it's too light for me. Thanks!

Bethany said...

I still haven't embraced the cushion trend yet, but the more reviews I read, the more I'm thinking of trying it. xD

Mizu said...

That's right!

Mizu said...

I really love the older one too!
I'm thankful that my review is useful :D
Thank you ~

Mizu said...

Hi Joyce, can I know which do you refer? Do you want me to give opinion for the older and new version or just the overall CC cream experience?

If you're referring to the older and newer version, I think the new version is better because it has good oil control and stays longer too :D

Mizu said...

I do get oily after 5 hours but it's not too oily till it mess my make-up.
It considerably getting oily by hours.

Mizu said...

I do get oily after 5 hours but it's not too oily till it mess my make-up.
It considerably getting oily by hours.

Mizu said...

Hi Mira,
I already provided the link above of where I bought this from.
I don't think TFS Malaysia sells this yet as I never seen any except the older version I guess. This CC cream only have two shades. #01 Light Beige and this one that I'm using #02 Natural Beige.

Mizu said...

haha..i know right but i actually wonder if the product is actually the same which only the packaging that differs it all?..haha

Mira said...

Hi Mizu, thanks so much for the reply. ^_^
Okay, got it. will definitely check it out! Thanks again!
have a great weekend, yeah?

Mizu said...

Hi Mira, you're much welcome :)
Have a great weekend too :)

bel said... do you use the sponge? i mean like the applucation. stupid question i know lol

Mizu said...

First, you just pumped the cream liquid in a small quantity, then just dab a bit of the sponge to the liquid. To apply on face, just using dabbing motion at first then you can apply like usual. That way it will avoid from caking :)

Nope, not a stupid question. It is so nice of you to ask :D

meishenmeweishenme said...

It is very detailed and very helpful review. Thank you ~~

Is it drying or has moist?

Mizu said...

Thank you so much :D
The big eye maker? I think it is could be considered just like eyeshadows.

meishenmeweishenme said...

ohh thank you~~

Park Lee said...

Found your blog and its awesome, a new follower now! ^^
Mizu, I'm just a new blogger, so I hope you will fell free to come and visit me too..
Love ya! >.<

Mizu said...

Hi Park Lee,

Thank you for liking :D
I definitely checking out your blog, good luck!

Linlovesbeauty said...


which one lasts longer, this Aqua one or the Aura? And is this Aqua CC Cream waterproof?
Which one is dewier? Thank you :)

Mizu said...

The aqua version last longer and yes, it is waterproof. The dewier would be aura. :)

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