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Thursday, July 14, 2016

[REVIEW] COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch - Acne patches that REALLY WORKS!

Hey guys!
It's been forever since I post a review and I said this every time too XD

The first week of Eid just passed and I actually didn't realize that my days would be so packed and I don't even have the time to write a proper review. I guess things has calmed down a little and I can sit comfortably in front of my laptop and write a review.

Before I start, I want to mention that this review is sponsored by;

They have been so kind to let me choose a few products from their homepage to try and guess what brand I chose? Yep, it's COSRX! I knew that this brand is the hype lately and of course I had been jumping into the bandwagon since last year! I never really posted a proper review about this brand before although I've been using it for sometime now and it seem that a lot of you are curious about it and did it works on my East Asian skin and "summer-all-the-year weather" here so here you go :D

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I have been using this for some time now and I could say that I have finished about 4 packets of this patches to heal my acne :D

At first I was a bit skeptical about this patch because I don't think it will magically heal your acne so soon but I was so wrong! The first time I applied this onto the skin on the night before I went to sleep and the next day it's all flat and the redness reduced! I didn't think that it was believable but that was happen to me.

Honestly I never actually wear acne patches before, I don't know why? Maybe it wasn't that interesting to me nor maybe I don't think it would work at all. After my first packet were finished, I didn't have any backup so I bought an acne patches from Watsons/Guardian store and tried it out and it doesn't work at all for me. The glue wasn't as strong as this Cosrx acne patches and it slipped off easily.

As I said, the glue for this acne patches were very strong so if you had a lot of facial hair like me, wearing it for a long time may require you to tear the patch very carefully or it's gonna grab along all those hairs and hurt you. But it wasn't nothing big, I like it like this much better than the one that slipped off easily and this won't even budge no matter what.

As a reminder, it is important that your face is thoroughly cleaned from oil or any skincare before applying the patches especially on the problem spot because the glue won't work so much as it was on clean skin. My usual flow is to apply the patches first and then apply all of your normal skincare so that it won't bother whatever that is happening under the patch.

You'll see that there is a white dot on top of your patches and it indicates that it has absorbs all the nasty things under your skin and you either have to replace new patches or not depending on acne condition. If you think that it has died down, then no more patches but if you think that it is still inflamed or has a slight bump, I recommend on putting a new patch on top.

The result may varies on what type of acne you had. Once I had a "thick skin-acne" which the patch probably can't absorb on whatever under my skin so it can't be help. But this is a rare case for me. For most of the time it does work. Some works magically overnight and some works on the forth night.

My skin before and after. This took me 2 weeks to heal properly since it was so deep. The left was actually taken after a week and it is actually bigger than that.

Thank you for reading. I have a few of COSRX products to review next so make sure to keep reading.



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