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Thursday, July 21, 2016

[REVIEW] Bbia Last Lip Mousse

Hey guys!
Before that, please don't laugh at these pictures, I literally have no idea why I use chillis as backdrop lmao XD But it looks good though XD

Anyway, today is the review for this BbiA Last Lip Mousse in No.3 which I have no idea what the name is, it started with Kiss something, I can't read that XD

Previously I posted a haul I did with testerkorea which is quite a few months ago and I've been wanting to buy this particular colour of lip mousse since I just saw them after I paid for my order. Since it hasn't been processed yet so I thought I might sent testerkorea an e-mail to add an item and they replied me right away asking which product it is. So after I tell them which it was, they sent me a link to pay and there you go, I got it in the same order without having to pay for an additional shipping fee!Yeay!

Promo picture

I don't think this came with a box as far as I remembered. It did came with a box, which I just found today and too lazy to take a pic of it XD

A lot of Korean brands have this kind of applicator now which I like because it doesn't bend.

Showed the feathered liquid on the right in case you want to see if there's any difference.

Sorry for my weird face XD

You might see in the picture that the colour is pinky red and it is how the colour looks like in real life but with redder tone on me. I think it is a gorgeous colour to be worn even on normal days because there are many ways to tone it up or down. 

In the picture above, I don't fully apply my lip because it might look too bright for me so I feathered it out using lip brush or on usual days, I just used my fingers.

Depending on how you wear it, it would turn moist or matte. I specifically likes the "matte" version better since it feels nothing on the lip and it is not over glossy for me. Plus, it doesn't feel even for the "matte" application.

The color might disappear if you drink or eat and it is easy to remove. I didn't do close up lip photo as I usually do because in the photo above, I already applied it 3 times with eating and drinking as intervals..because it might look gross up close..haha

Overall, I love this lip mousse, it doesn't dry out my lip and the color is true to the promo picture.
Hope to try a lot more BbiA products after this :D

I rate this;

Thank you for reading :)


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