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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

[My Collection] Etude House Pink Skull Eyeshadow, Twin Shot LipsxTint & Sun Blind Cushion

I wanted to do this for some time now, like sharing my purchase and such and no matter how small the purchase is. It is because I may or may not review the products in the future but I want to let my readers know that I'm still here although I'm busy and not posting any reviews. So small posts like this can make this blog livelier and not dead ^^

Anyway, this is like a small purchase I asked my friend to buy while she was in Korea back in July (too bad I can't go with her because of my new semester of study just begun T_T) and I listed a few products for her to buy and she bought everything correctly with all the little details though she aren't good with makeup and such. Thanks to her, I can get the Pink Skull eyeshadow with discounted price,yeay~ ^^

There are a few like tools in my haul but idk why it's not in the picture (since I have this picture for some time now) but indeed it is a small haul since I've used up a lot of money for new semester T_T
FYI, I didn't buy the lip tint myself, it was the giveaway prize that @etude_official sent to me after winning their insta giveaway and honestly, I didn't expect to win at all since.. you know, there's a lot of followers who did the same. Originally, it is suppose to be one etude's bracelet and one lip tint but they changed the prize because of the problem with customs(?) but I was happy either way :D

The eyeshadows is in No.1 Lovely Skull and I know a lot preferred the No.2 version, Punky Skull. The No.2 shadows are almost similar to their Blooming Rose palette which I already have so I get this one instead. It's sooooo beautiful! No kidding

The pencil like-type is the new 3-1 eyebrow pencil which is the combination of brow highlight, brow pencil and mascara. The highlight didn't work for me though ;(

The white-blue cushion is the Sun Blind cushion, a cushion-type sunscreen and I LOVE IT! To bad that it was very little in volume and finish up so quick for me, almost dry by now ;(

Thank you for reading :)


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