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Saturday, December 24, 2016

[REVIEW] Althea Superfood Box!

Hey guys!

It's been a long time isn't it? My last post is in October and honestly my blogging skill is a little rusty now but I decided to spend a little time away from studying for my finals and blog instead :)

As you might have seen that I've posts a ton of Althea review before and you should already knew on how good they were in terms of pricing, shipping and box packaging! Even though I'm not really active since the past months, they are so generous of sending me a few boxes and I feel bad for not doing reviews as soon as possible since they never asked any!

For those who have stayed with Althea for over a year now, you might have known that they launch their beauty boxes recently. One of the theme box is this SUPERFOOD BOX! Basically, this box contain a few Korean beauty products that uses food-based ingredients in their product and by purchasing this box for RM138, you can save a LOT of money rather than buying individual products.

These are the products that you'll get in this box:

However, this box set is out of stock now(Oh noo!) but you can still choose the other beauty box that they have and for holiday 2016, they are four different kinds of beauty box that you can choose!


or you can download the ALTHEA APP on Google Play or App Store and use code "MOBFIRST30" and received RM30 off RM100! (Only available for first mobile purchase)

Using whatever backdrop I have with me right now..haha this body mist! It smells really good, not sure if it's smells like Blackberry to me but I will be using this whenever I need something that smells nice on me but not perfume..haha

It feels a little cooling on the skin and the fragrance of the mists will last for hours! Look on how much I've sprayed on considering that I just received this recently.

This cleanser is huge and it only costs RM14 on Althea now! How cheap is that??!
I always stayed with my current face wash and I could say that this face cleanser is like everything to me now. It is soo gentle and thick! I can feel that my skin is brighten on every wash and at the same time it doesn't stripe off my skin's moisture! I can say that this will last really long because I only need a little on every wash.

Sadly I haven't tried this yet since I didn't get a chance to however there's something unique with this toner is that there are white flakes(?) no no..not white flakes, my bad. It's like an essence in white color which you need to shake the bottle before using .It was quite similar to COSRX pore minish serum or the OXY Powder lotion where it has those residue at the bottom that you need to shake the bottle before using.

This! Everyone already knew on how good the Innisfree green tea collection and honestly this is just as great. Feels soooo light on the skin and the green tea fragrance is just everything. It gives my skin plenty of moisture since I don't need much because I'm combination to oily and I'm prone to breakout with heavy moisture and this is just perfect!

Can anybody agree with me on how pretty and simple the bottle is? I rarely tried the Korean bath products but I want to say that I'm impressed with this shower gel. The liquid is colorless and it produced lesser foam which means there is less SLS or none at all which I can't confirm for you. It smells really nice and stays on for some time :)

The name "Cool Cool Mon" is already sounds very cute to me and the mask itself feels so nice on the skin! Can you see the tiny black dots in the tube? I thought it would feel gritty but I guess it would just disappear when you smear the mask on your face. The mask itself is very moisturising and when it dries, it doesn't feels tight on the skin until the next day I woke up. A little of this goes a loooong way! It is easy to spread on the face since it is so light! I hope it did slow my aging tho..haha

Awwww, how cute is this thing???! It's the Skinfood Lip Scrub and it's the cutest thing I have now..haha ..I can't tell you the verdict since I just opened it (sorry for this half-assed review) but I really don't have the chance to try it yet T_T I've tried it and honestly I'm not sure if this is what exactly? It feels like tiny sugar but when I try washing it up, there's like a wax-like lip balm feels which drags around when I'm wiping it out...and I didn't like it. The scrubs doesn't do well on scrubbing my lips since my lips forms dead skin cells like a lot!So it doesn't feel enough to remove all of that. The only thing that I like is that it leaves my lips moist after washing.

Surprisingly, I did test this one out for a few times (just look at those ugly plastic pattern..haha)
It smells really strong once you remove the bar from the box, it's like gingery lemon I guess(?)
and the bar is easy to foam up my hair and leaves it squeaky clean. However, I don't like the fact that this makes my hair feels rough after washing if I didn't conditioned it (I'm lazy so that's why)
Later, it will be harder to brush my hair since it will stuck to each other and it feels reaaaaalllllyy dryyy. I don't recommend this to those who are used to shampoo+conditioner type of person since this will basically made your life harder..haha

Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll make sure I'll go through this hellish finals and do a lot more reviews posts soon!

xoxo Mizu


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