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Saturday, January 23, 2016

[REVIEW] Lalavesi Akma Cushion "AKCU X-MAS" Special Limited Edition + F.W/Y6 2016 Classic

I don't believe that I finally fell for this cushion. I saw lots of blog reviews and raves about this especially for it's case designs. Lalavesi released this X-Mas Limited Edition last year and this year, they made a little change on the design and I found this new version sold in testerkorea. Since I did purchase this quite late, which is a week before Christmas celebration, I didn't expect this to be arrive this year, since testerkorea usually will take time to ship parcels but I'm glad that I be able to see this arrived before I move to another state to work.

Initially I can't decide if I should choose either this or the "Ice Cute" edition since it is in pink and this one is red. Both are my favourite colors but then I go for the new one, of course. Lalavesi even sent an X-Mas bag filled with this X-Mas Special Limited case and my chosen base, F.W/Y6 2016 Classic!

If you aren't familiar with the formula of these Akma Cushions (SS, SF & FW) in Classic or Natural, I suggest you to go here since she talk in details about those three formulas. I was confused about those things and with her help, I finally decided to go for FW (For Winter) in Classic in the shade Y6. It's because my skin is pretty dry lately and I'm looking for mostly super moisturizing formula for my skin because of that. Currently, this design is sold out in the Lalavesi page.

Renew version of 2014, "AKCU X-MAS" Special Limited Edition
Formula : F.W (For Winter)
Type : Classic
Color : Y6
Content : 20g
Production : Made in Korea
Price : 24,000 won @ testerkorea [for case and cream]

I was given samples for all of the formula which I'm not sure what color it is. The case and my chosen formula came in a different box.

The formula in summary and there are Classic/Natural that you can choose. Classic had more coverage and Natural has less coverage and more natural looking.

Even the box itself is super pretty :)

Anti-bacteria puff <3

With little pamphlet explaining about the designs for the cushion.

Just how cute is that? It's all red on the sides! :D

New formula, improved version.

How to change refill.

There is LALAVESI word printed on it, not sure if its visible in this picture.

So much of the devil inside XD

I just HAVE to compare with my Laneige BB Cushion since it is my perfect match. Clearly Y6 is still lighter than my skin. It's even lighter than HERA Age Reverse Cushion, review here.

It's a bit watery in texture compared to a few cushions that I have which included the Laneige cushion.

It has a dewy finish as you can see in the picture above.

Oil control:
I had expected that this won't have the best oil control out there since the finish itself is dewy and would not suit oily skin the best. However, since I said that my skin is really dry since last month, I still like the fact that it gives me moisture.

Y6/FW is supposed to be the darkest color for the cushion and it still too light for me. However, I heard that there are a bit difference in color if compared to SS, SF or FW and it seems that in one of these types do have a darker Y6 color. So, there is inconsistency in colors according to the type that you chose.

Y6/FW has a medium to high coverage even with just one application. It builds up well too and since the coverage is quite good so it won't look as natural on the face. It still have the "you-wear-something-on-the-face" thing.

Color transfer:
The finish is dewy and it has high color transfer compared to cushion that is matte in finish which means that if you touches your skin or just wanted to blot the extra shine/oil, the color transfer or traces will be much visible.

It will oxidizes a little but it doesn't completely disappear after a long day especially on my nose because any foundation/cushion or BB/CC that disappear from the nose is a huge issue for me! XD

Didn't notice any after a few times of trying.

Just a little bit but I can't figure out what smell it is but it will disappears after a while.

I like it so much since it save me from my current dry/flaky skin. It has up and down and I probably be using this daily since it might be too heavy for daily use because of the coverage and hot weather here.

I rate this:

Thank you for reading, I'm sorry that there is no before/after picture for this review since I don't have my camera with me right now T_T

Leave a comment of e-mail me if you have any questions! :D


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