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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[REVIEW] Dwi Dara Collagen Complex

Hi sweeties! 

Beauty supplements are not a rare scene in Malaysia and it was a big deal here since everyone wanted to look young on the outside and at the same time benefit the inside. The collagen is mostly extracted from the fruits making it safe and halal to consume.

So today, I'll be reviewing this "Collagen Complex" from Dwi Dara Resources which is extracted from fruits that are good for both skin and body. The collagen are in liquid form which is separated in 20 sachets per box. Unlike the other collagen that need to be added water before it can be consume, this collagen doesn't require that step because it's just tear and drink, making it easy to bring anywhere and be consume at any time.

Brand : Dwi Dara
Company : Dwi Dara Resources
Price : RM130(WM) / RM140(EM) / BRD 75 / SGD 75
Quantity per box : 20ml x 20 sachets

Visit these links to purchase!

INSTAGRAM : @dwidaraauthorized

HOTLINE : 018-219 5350

Main ingredients.

Benefits in Bahasa.

Functions of the collagen.

I took a sachet everyday in the morning or sometime at night before consuming any food because based on the direction, it is better consumed before any meal. It's better not to skip even a day of consuming the collagen for better result.

The collagen taste good and one thing that I notice about the taste is that date has the dominant taste of the collagen followed by honey and a little bit of lemon for the aftertaste. 

The fact that the collagen itself came in a sachet that doesn't require adding water makes it is perfect for travel and be consumed at any time. The sachet itself is very light and suit to be kept in bags :D
Pregnant or lactating mothers can also consumed this collagen and it is suitable for 16 years old and above including men who are concern about health and beauty :)

20 sachets can last about less than a month(if you're taking it daily) and about less than a month I tried this, I could say that it does lessen my breakout. To actually see the result such as lessening in pimple scars, wrinkles, big pores and those big matters, a box might be a little for that so I can't really tell. However, lessening breakout is actually a big deal for me. To actually experienced less breakout makes my older pimples heal faster, making my face clean and looks nice when putting on makeup :D

Overall, I recommend this for you to try and see what it did especially to those who had the problems above :)

Me after consuming a box of this collagen :D

Thank you for reading :)


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