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Monday, January 10, 2011

Etude House Review

*I only do review of what I think of this products.I do not being paid to do this.This products maybe is suitable for me and not for you.So any complications while using this products is not my responsibility.

This is my first time went to Etude House since they launched the shop few last year.I bought this after looking through their global site for the popular products all the months.
This is my first time wearing makeup too!haha..its hard for the first time..but I get used little by little..

Anyway,the shop is so pink!haha..i love that!If you didn't know about Etude House before,this one of the popular Korean brands.I interested in their makeups after I watch so many Korean Stars wearing that in dramas and they looks so pretty in it!Okay,lets go the products.Sorry,I didn't have single picture or swatches of this products by the time I took this picture,coz I never thought that I will be doing review..haha..

+From left,Etude House Pinky Bag,Green Tea Nose Patch,Peach Tea Cleansing Foam,BB Magic Cream,Lip Milk Screw and 66 Big Eye Vitcara Eyelash..
  • Green Tea Nose Patch = RM 4.90
  • Peach Tea Cleansing Foam = RM13.90
  • BB Magic Cream = RM39.92
  • Lip Milk Screw = RM12.90
  • 66 Big Eye Vitcara Eyelash = RM 18.45
  • Total = RM90.07
  • The rest was my sister stuff..
  • Peach Tea Cleansing Foam = RM 13.90
  • Cool Eye Patch = RM 6.90
  • S.Time Total Eye Balm = 31.95
  • Total = RM52.75
  • This price was based on Malaysia price without discount.(from the receipt that I got)
First,Peach Tea Cleansing Foam.I would say that this is the cheapest one int his store coz the size of the cleansing foam bottle is large!You will be satisfied!I love the peach smell very much!

Second,BB Magic Cream.This cream is great!My skin color is not too white but not so tan.So,I would say my skin was so-so..haha..the color of this cream was perfectly suit my skin.My skin wouldn't be too bright nor too dark.It cover some of my spots but not the clearer one..but your skin will looks shiny after wearing this...huhu..I like this part.

Third,Lip Milk Screw(Cherry).Hmm..this products is little same with NIVEA Lips Lip Balm..the cherry one(I mean the color).It moist your lips but it will dried on your lips easier but still I love the smell!Oh yeah!

Fourth,66 Big Eye Vitcara Eyelash.I never wear any fake eyelash so i only use this mascara to make my eyes looks bigger.The brush is not the rolled one.Just normal brush..How should I say it??haha

Fifth,Green Tea Nose Patch.err...I'm not using this for now..haha..I thought I would wear this before a concert..haha...I should.

+ This was gift sticker collection..cute right??I only got four stickers(you got one sticker for purchasing more than RM30)

Its familiar right?This is Lee Minho!He become popular after his drama,Boys Over Flowers and now he became the model for this product!I got his poster too!

Anyway,this products were bought last year...haha..there are new products from Etude House that I bought recently,so wait for the next review!Ta-ta!

Sorry for my not-too-good english.I'm still learning so I hope I could improve from day to day.


Fruity Lashes said...

etude house is a nice korean brand. everything about it is so cute! thanks for the review ^^

Mira said... true!It is so cute!
you can see the design on every products too!I have another review about etude house after this!Thnx for your comment!

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